Baseball Betting Terminology

There is no doubt that if you’ve spent some time on baseball betting forums you’ve already seen some of the sports betting terminology being used, and if you haven’t well it’s never to early too learn. Over the course of your betting career you’ll come across many terms which you might not be familiar with and I’ve compiled a list of most of these terms so you can find the definition easily. This is a great article to bookmark because you never know when you’re going to need to find out what something means.

    • Action – Action is a term used for a bet of any size
    • Bad Beat – A bad beat is when you lose when you shouldn’t have
    • Bankroll – Your bankroll is the amount of money you have to bet on sports
    • Buck – A term used to define a bet of a $100
    • Buy Points – Buying points costs you money, but decreases the point spread of the game
    • Chalk – A term used to define the favourite in the sporting event
    • Dime – A term used to define a bet of $1000

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    • Double Bet – A term used when someone is betting twice as much as they typically would
    • Edge – The term used to define an advantage in a sporting event
    • Futures Bet – A bet that is made well prior to the scheduled date of the end of the bet
    • Handicapper – An individual who analyzes sporting lines and odds
    • Hedging – Placing bets on the opposite side to counter previous bets
    • Juice – The added amount you pay to make the wager
    • Lock – A term used to define an easy event
    • Longshot – A term used to define a wager which doesn’t have a good chance of winning
    • Nickel – A term that people use when making a bet of $500
    • Parlay – A parlay is a wager on two or more events on the same ticket
    • Point Spread – A predetermined amount of points that the favourite needs to win by
    • Prop Bet – A bet that you make on a part of game (Example – Wager on 1st half of football)
    • Scratch – A term used to cancel a wager before it’s official
    • Toss-Up – When an event is to hard to pick a winner it’s called a toss-up
    • Underdog – The team in an event who is expected to lose the game
    • Value – Finding better odds or lines on a game then the Vegas line
    • Wager – A bet

These aren’t all of the terms you’ll come across by a Longshot, but this is still a good list that will get you started on your way to understanding the lingo in most baseball betting forums. Without knowing these terms it will be very difficult for you to understand what anyone is talking about and therefore you won’t be able to gain any information. Spend a few minutes learning what each of the above terms mean and then bookmark this page so you can come back later if you forget what a term means.