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Twins and Yankees set for big weekend series

The Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees will square off in a big weekend series in the middle part of May. The series will take place in the Bronx, at the Yankee Stadium, in its second year – has already seen a World Series title. The Yankees have been a sizzling 10-2 when playing at home, while the Twins have won 10 of 16 away from the new Target Field.

The Yankees are just ½ game behind the Tampa Bay Rays at the top of the American League East. If the postseason started today, the Yankees would slide in as the AL wildcard. The Twins hold a three game lead on the Detroit Tigers, which is tied with St. Louis for the largest divisional lead in all of baseball.

The Yankees will send A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte and Javier Vazquez to the bound. Burnett is 4-1, Pettitte is 4-0 and Vazquez comes in with a 1-3 record. Minnesota will counter with Francisco Liriano, Scott Baker and Nick Blackburn. Liriano is 4-1, Baker 4-2 and Blackburn 3-1.

The Yankees have been successful using the bats. New York leads the American League with a .280 batting average, along with the most runs scored in all of baseball; with 182. Robinson Cano has been the main cog in the lineup, with a .353 batting average, and 9 homeruns. Nick Swisher has also been off to a hot start, as he leads the team with 24 runs batted in. The pitching has also been sharp, as they have a combined 3.61 earned run average, which ranks 4th in the American League.

Minnesota has been winning games both offensively, and on the mound. The Twins .275 batting average is third in the American League, while they have scored 164 runs. The Twins also have the second best earned run average, with a 3.51, while opponents are hitting just .261 as a team. Joe Mauer has gotten off to a .341 batting average, while Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer have provided the power. Morneau has hit 7 homeruns, while Cuddyer has driven in 23 runs.

The two teams have played in numerous postseasons in the past. The Yankees have always gotten the best of Minnesota. This year, the Twins look to be a new look ballclub, and hope to get over the Yankees hump. After this series, Minnesota will head to the Bronx on May 25th for a three game series, and then the teams will not see each other again in 2010.