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The 35 games in Most Valuable Players

As the season continues to roll right along, 35 games into the season for most teams, there are several players from both leagues that are putting up Most Valuable Player type numbers. If the trends continue through 125 more games – that’s the question. For now, the managers of these players will take the statistics, and look for more of the same as the season rolls along.

In the American League, the Detroit Tigers have enjoyed the red-hot start out of Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera leads the league in batting with a .376 average, with 8 homeruns and another lead league leading 36 runs batted in. Cabrera has always been known to have a bat, but this blistering start is more than we have ever seen from him.

Mr. Reliable Justin Morneau continues to lead the way for Minnesota. Morneau trails only Cabrera for the AL batting lead, and has also hit 8 homeruns, but driven in just 23 runs thus far. Along with catcher Joe Mauer this 1-2 punch could be the deadliest in all of baseball.

Paul Konerko has always been a solid power hitting. He has never seen the power surge that he has experienced thus far in 2010. Konerko leads all of baseball with 13 homeruns, as he has 28 runs batted in as well. For a career .278 hitting, his .290 average of this season is impressive. Konerko is one of the line bright spots for a White Sox team that has struggled thus far in 2010.

In the National League, Andre Ethier appears to be head and shoulders ahead of the pack right now. Ethier leads the NL in batting, with a .385 clip, homeruns (11) and runs batted in with 37. Thankfully for the rest of the league, his teammates have not nearly been as deadly, and the Dodgers pitching has stunk.

Ryan Braun of Milwaukee is going to get a MVP in his career. 2010 may be his chance. The Brewers slugger is batting .359, which is second in the NL, and 6 homeruns and 28 runs batted in. That number is not first on the team (runs batted in) as Casey McGhee has 33.

Philadelphia could have as many as five representatives, when the end of the season rolls around. In Mid-May our choice is outfielder Jayson Werth. The right fielder is batting .345 with 7 homeruns and 27 runs batted in. A free agent at the end of this season, Werth is most certainly going to get paid during the off-season.