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Los Angeles loses top offensive player

The Los Angeles Dodgers got bad news on Saturday in the 4-1 win over divisional leading San Diego Padres. Top offensive player Andre Ethier will miss an undisclosed amount of time with a broken bone in his pinkie finger. The finger is on his right hand, which will effect not only hitting, but throwing the baseball.

Ethier said he felt the finger get pinched against the bat while he was taking a swing before the game. He will meet with team doctors on Sunday and the team will then decide whether to place him on the disabled list or not.

Ethier leads the team in all offensive categories. He also leads the entire National League. Ethier is batting .392 with 11 homeruns and 38 runs batted in. He has an on base percentage of .458, and a slugging percentage of .744. A career .297 hitter, Ethier is in just his fifth year out of Arizona State. The 28 year old is currently making $5.7 million in his current contract.

The Dodgers will look for a sweep in San Diego on Sunday afternoon. Los Angeles with their six game winning streak have moved to 19-17 overall, and just three games back in the National League West. Los Angeles ranks second in the National League with a .275 batting average, and 4th with 189 runs. Helping Ethier lead the way offensive; Matt Kemp with his 32 runs scored.

The pitching for Los Angeles has continued to struggle. The Dodgers rank 11 th in the National League with a 4.53 earned run average. Opponents are hitting .233 against the Dodgers pitching.

Los Angeles will finish their series in San Diego, and then come home to host Houston for two and San Diego for two before interleague baseball begins. The first series will see the Detroit Tigers come to LA for a three game weekend series. After Detroit leaves town, the Dodgers will head to Chicago and Colorado in the final week of May.

The National League West continues to be one of the most impressive and certainly surprising divisions in all of baseball. The San Diego Padres have the best record in baseball, led by their spectacular pitching. San Francisco has also provided some sensational pitching, led by Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito and Matt Cain. The Dodgers have possibly the best combination of pitching and hitting, but have seen some of their pitching struggle in the first quarter of the season.