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Braves come back from eight run deficit

The Atlanta Braves came back from an eight run deficit on Thursday afternoon to win their second straight over the Cincinnati Reds. Cincinnati scored eight runs in the second inning, and the game looked like a laugher. Cincinnati then led 9-1 through 4.5 innings, but that’s when the game came apart for the Reds.

Trailing 9-3 heading into the ninth inning, after Troy Glaus and Eric Hinkse led off with singles, Yunel Escobar reached on an error to load the bases off Mike Lincoln. Nate McLouth kept the rally going with a single that scored two, to make it a four run game. Nate Masset then came in and walked his first batter; David Ross. After Martin Prado reached on a fielder’s choice that went for an error the game moved to 9-6. Arthur Rhodes came in and struck out rookie Jason Heyward for his only batter of the game. Heyward was the main cog in the come from behind win on Wednesday night for the Braves. The rookie has smashed 8 homeruns and drove in 30 homeruns in his first season. Dusty Baker then went with closer Francisco Cordero to go after pinch hitter Brooks Conrad. Conrad hit a ball just over the left fielders glove to cap off the seven run rally and win.

The second inning for the Reds was capped by eight straight batters reaching base. The biggest hit was the Joey Votto grand slam that scored the pitcher Mike Leake, along with two others. After that, Cincinnati was not done, as a single and a walk led up to a Ramon Hernandez single and a Laynce Nix double. The Reds chased Atlanta’s starting pitcher Tommy Hanson after retiring just five batters.

The win for the Braves was their third straight and fourth in their last five games. Bobby Cox’s team has moved to above .500; at 21-20 and just 4.5 games out of first place in the National League East. The loss for Cincinnati dropped them ½ game behind the St. Louis Cardinals for first place in the National League Central.

Atlanta will now head to Pittsburgh to take on the Pirates, while the Reds will head across the state to play in Cleveland, against the Indians, out of the American League Central.